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7 most common faults we find with PV systems

1. Failed inverter. Sometimes they can just be restarted ok. Often they don't. How to tell usually an error code on the display. Often the display fails too. Check the warranty! 2. Circuit breaker trip. A reset usually clears the problem. It can be endemic ie a miss sized breaker or a faulty one. 3. RCD faults. Increasing the milliseconds rating from 30 to 80 ms can help if it's happened regularly. 4. Isolators faulty or burning out... Often insufficient tightening can result in high temperature at the terminals joint. 5. Lightning damage. 6. DC cable joints failed. Run VOC tests and check amps against similar strings with clamp meter. look for overheated connections. Tricky on the roof. 7. The off switch. Sometimes someone turns it off for no reason... max.

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