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Hows My PV Doing?

RWG Consulting PV Index / Basket of 6 - Case Study

April 2019 to March 2020

As you may know we provide a monitoring service for PV systems all around the UK. This gives us a unique insight into solar performance! This element of the service is intended to give a guidance as to how UK wide PV systems are doing in general.

The graph report below from April 2019 to March 2020 includes useful general information on;

· Is it a bad or good year/month for UK Solar PV?

· March was 35% above expected!

· How is my PV, compared to the rest? Is climate change a factor?

· Comparative performance monthly and annually for a basket of 6 average commercial systems from 15-200kWp

· It is just a guide but seems to offer a good useful insight. Every system has local weather, issues and microclimate, we aim to help see how its doing compared to the herd!

· All data and locations are anonymized for data protection purposes

· Expected yield value based on PV Sol or MCS data

· I will update monthly!! It’s for interest and information.

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