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Huawei's Inverters Shut Down Near Bath

We have been having a problem on site on a farm near Bath where the generated power is now way below predictions and the inverters are going on and off regularly. We spotted the fault, and got Huawei involved as it is 4 of their inverters. Seems it's possibly moisture in the cables or panel back boxes that comes and goes with the weather.

Low Impedance on the DC (solar panels) side is stopping the inverters finishing the self check. In wet weather its worse than dry. Using the inverter tools and App we downloaded the logs after a few hassles with memory sticks! We did not charge extra for assistance in diagnosis all part of a days work... A Solarsense team has been brought in that will fix the damp cable problems, with luck.

Beware cobwebs and spiders inside inverters as they can cause an inverter to crash. Easy enough to clean with a vacuum as long as you know what you are doing!

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